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In this once-a-week blog, read weekly branding & design tips targeted to business owners and marketing managers of small-medium businesses. Connect with relevant, to-the-point and actionable tools to help you grow your business.

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Relevant material – no matter your stage in the business lifecycle

The “Rocket” in our name and logo? It’s the power behind our every action and the lifecycle through which every business progresses:

● LAUNCH: the start-up phase – the preparation for your business kick-off and the early years following this leap.

● ORBIT: the period once you’ve found your stride, built a sound client base and want to maintain, modify or grow this business momentum to fulfill your business goals

● RE-ENTRY/LANDING: the time after completing your mission when you want to land and get out – be it through sale, succession or other exit strategy.

Businesses at every stage face unique branding, design and marketing opportunities. As a full-solution design partner, Rocket Creatives understands this cycle and our weekly blog posts will address the changing needs of businesses, supporting their rocket-fueled journey.

Upcoming Topics: trade shows and your graphic design needs

I love working with businesses from all walks of life… but, as you’ll read, have a particular passion with the complementary health industry. As such, I’m excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming Ontario Chiropractor Association Conference & trade show. With that in mind, you can expect that between now and November this blog will address sales, branding and design techniques for trade show exhibitors and attendees. We will look at how to prepare and make the most out of your trade show booth, printed collateral, giveaways and digital support. By the way, if you haven’t heard, the show is in Toronto, October 25th.