Health & Wellness Rebranding

Your Brand Must Inspire Confidence

Why does a practice need to rebrand?  Think about it.

  • The complementary, alternative and integrated health care industry is growing as people age and as the incidence of chronic illnesses increases.  Your practice needs to keep up with those changes.
  • Consumers expect more professionalism from complementary health care practitioners.  You need to present yourself as an authoritative professional.
  • Integrative health care—treating the whole patient—is increasingly seen as the most effective approach to dealing with health conditions.  You need to show your patients if you’re part of that trend.
  • Your patients need help with choices and are seeking the information.  You need a marketing vehicle for educating your patients about what expertise you offer.

Appeal to More Patients

As unique as you are, we tailor a brand program to educate and connect with your potential clients and increase your market share.

  • Review, define and strategize your core brand
  • ID standards and guidelines that define your colours, fonts, logo versions and restrictions
  • Stationery (letterhead, business cards, etc.)
  • Presentation folder, brochure design, flyers,  handouts and direct mail campaigns
  • Online and print advertisement design
  • PowerPoint presentation template and email newsletter templates
  • Trade show/presentation displays and branded informational screen display
  • Interior and exterior designs (signage, window decals, wall art, etc.)
  • Online marketing (website, social media, etc.)
  • Implementing and training your staff