Rebranding in the Services Industry

Rebrand to Boost your Visibility

Businesses in the professional services industry are under constant pressure to change and survive.  They face challenges from factors such as the economy, globalization, the digital world, and demanding consumers.

  • Stand apart from your competitors.  You need to promote what you do better than your competitors or risk chasing after the same customers they’re chasing.
  • Lost in a world of standardization, people crave customized, personalized service.  You need to present how you deliver personal service that stands out above the rest.
  • Increasingly, the public expects companies to be socially responsible and involved.  You need to show how you and your work contribute to the community.
  • As technology changes, you need a strong message throughout platforms while easily accessible.

As your company’s design, branding, and marketing department, Rocket Creatives gives you the tools you need to face the future with confidence.

Business is about People

At every touch point explain the benefits “What’s’ in it for me?” of your products and services. Here are few services that will help heighten your brand recognition.

  • Review, define and strategize your core brand
  • ID standards and guidelines that define your colours, fonts, logo versions and restrictions
  • Stationery (letterhead, business cards, etc.)
  • Sales materials and direct mail campaigns
  • Product packaging design
  • Online and print advertisement design
  • PowerPoint presentation template and email newsletter templates
  • Trade show/presentation displays
  • Interior and exterior designs (signage, window decals, wall art, etc.)
  • Online marketing (website, social media, etc.)
  • Implementing and training your staff