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A History of Keeping Aligned with Positive Thinking

Noemie L. Cote - President of Rocket Creatives

President of Rocket Creatives

I am a passionate advocate of alternative therapies, so much so that I am now focusing my graphic design and Web design business on helping preventative and alternative therapists and doctors gain greater public awareness.

I want to use my passion for promoting better health and better living.  To that end, I can also apply my same positive approach to companies in the service industry.

— Noémie L. Coté, President, Rocket Creatives

My Community Values

I also build my design studio around community values by working with non-profit organizations such as Chance Foundation and the Women’s Business Connections in Orleans.  I not only donate time and services or charge on a sliding scale basis, but I also become involved in the organization as an active member.

Your Marketing Department at a Fair Price 

By using Rocket Creatives as your design and marketing department, you get the advantages of expertise and quality work without hiring staff.  Call me, Noémie, to discuss your needs.  Let us launch your business to new heights.